Pollux Habibie Listing Jual—
1 unit Ruko/ Shophouse | 4 Lantai+Basement | Sea View
12 unit Studio | 24m2 | Sea-City View
2 unit 2 Bedroom | 51 | sea View

01 A08 Pool Studio 430jt
02 A10 Sea Studio 399jt
03 A19 Sea Studio 430jt
04 A20 Pool Studio 399jt
05 A21 Pool Studio 399jt
06 A25 Sea Studio 399jt
07 A25 Sea Studio 399jt
08 B10 Sea Studio 390jt
09 A10 Sea 2BR 750jt
10 B10 Sea 2BR 750jt
11 Shophouse Blok F Basement 3,5m
12 A19 Studio Sea 390jt
13 B27 Studio City 360jt
14 C31 Studio City 360jt
15 B26 Studio Sea 420jt

website: http://www.apartmentbatam.com
android: apartmentbatam
wa&call: 0812-1213-6654

English version–
The Meisterstadt represents a collective vision that has been brought to reality by the partnership of Former President of Indonesia, Dr. -Ing. B.J. Habibie, Pollux Habibie President Commissioner and philanthropist, Dr. -Ing. Ilham Akbar Habibie, and Pollux Properties master developer Dr. Nico Purnomo Po. More than just a place to live and work, Meisterstadt will be one of the very first self-sustaining, integrated civic center in Batam and South East Asia. Meisterstadt heralds the arrival of visionaries and aspiring urban communities to a true 360–degree vertical lifestyle civic landmark that will elevate the standards of city living in Batam forever.

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